More sustainable

For us, sustainability is the normal

In a world that is increasingly concerned about the impact of chemicals on the health of people and the environment, Mountos is known as a symbol of responibility and innovation. We understand that the decisions we make today will determine the world we will live and walk in tomorrow.

Our sustainable steps

1. PFAS-free lining: Our shoes provide comfort and protection for those who value health. With PFAS-free lining, our footwear is not only environmentally friendly but also a healthier choice.
2. Recycled laces: Our laces are made from recyclable polyester. We are reducing our ecological footprint with every step you take. We contribute to a circular process and reduce waste.
3. Less chemicals: Mountos wants to keep the footprint on the world as small as possible. This means that we use as little chemicals as possible to maintain a more sustainable production. By collaborating with partners who share the same core values. Our soles are supplied by Vibram, commited to sustainability through 'The Sustainable Way', and our leather holds the Gold Certificate from the Leather Working Group.
4. No water waste: Throughout the entire process, we ensure that no water is wasted. The water that is consumed is used with precision and carefully discharged so that it can be purified correctly. We collaborate with the right partner, Vibram and the Leather Workin Group, who contribute to this process.
5. Respect for workers: Mountos believes that content and respected workers are the driving force behind our succes. We listen to their needs, support their growth, and ensure they feel valued. We ensure fair salaries and safe working environment. We are proud to say that we are building a strong and succesful future with respect for our workers.

Our commitment to sustainability

At mountos, sustainability is the standard. We consider both the quality of our products and the health of our planet. Our team works hard to identify and control risks associated with the substances we use in our shoes. We not only aim to comply with regulations; we constantly seek new ideas and alternatives. Our commitment to sustainability is in our DNA and is underscored by our Gold Certificate from the Leather Working Group and Vibram ISO certification.

We produce according to the European REACH standard. This contrubutes to the sustainable steps we are taking with Mountos. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction. This contributes to minimizing chemicals.

Join Mountos on the journey

Mountos invite you to walk with us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. When you chosse Mountos, you're not just opting for style and comfort; you're also supporting a brand that prioritizes environmental health and the well-being of everyone who loves the world. We are proud of hte sustainable steps we made and remain committed to ongoing developments and improvements in sustainability.

Mountos-where every step is a step towards a brighter, safer, and more sustainable world. Walk with purpose. Walk with Mountos.

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