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We understand you’re curious about our brand name Mountos, and we will tell more about that later. The Mountos brand originated from a Dutch retail and foot care enterprise known as Schutrups. This business has been around for 100 years and is well-regarded for its expertise in feet and shoes. Schutrups is located in the picturesque town of Exloo, surrounded by beautiful nature. Despite the comprehensive range at Schutrups, there was still something missing: A dynamic hiking shoe designed for comfortable walking an promoting a healthy lifestyle based on foot knowledge. And so, Mountos was born. 

 So, why the name Mountos? Mountos draws its inspiration from Montes, the Roman term for OUREA. Ourea is considered a primordial god of the mountains. Mountains are regarded as the dwelling place of the gods, and in Spanish, Montes literally means mountains. Obviously, Mountos is a lot more than just a name; we are on a mission to encourage a healthy lifestyle by making walking accessible to all. 

With our vision and values in mind, we’ve crafted hiking shoes that are the perfect blend of orthopedic knowledge and visionary design. With a focus on our values of steering, stability and shock absorption, Mountos shoes are perfect for comfortable walks, what more could there be? 

The Mountos shoes come with two different insoles: one normal insole and an extra support insole. With this extra feature of the Mountos shoes, we ensure comfort and support. 

For us, sustainability is the normal. With Mountos, we want to contribute to making our footprint on the world as small as possible. 

So, lace up and join us on the journey to a healthier lifestyle with Mountos!

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